Athena Events

Mindfulness with The Mindful Horse @ Athena
Apr 28 @ 10:30 – 16:30

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Rachael Beesley Animal Intuitive & Coach Demo Event @ Athena
May 5 @ 14:00 – 16:00

What if your animal could speak to you? Animal Intuitive & Coach, Rachael Beesley connects with animals – both passed and living – through a photograph of them to accurately share their outlook on life, deepening your understanding of each other and often yourself.
Back by popular demand following her Demo Event at ATHENA in February this year. Come along to Rachael’s next Live Demo and Q&A on Sunday 5th May 2019 at 2-4pm, with a photo of your animal (of just them where you can see their eyes clearly) if you’d like the chance to hear from them this way.

The power of Equine Facilitated Learning @ Athena
May 24 @ 09:45 – 13:00
The power of Equine Facilitated Learning @ Athena | England | United Kingdom

Passe-partout Consulting Ltd and Equilibrium for Life CIC are pleased to be running two taster events that offer an introduction to the effective and impactful learning experience that can be achieved with horses. We will be in a beautiful location, alongside the herd at Athena in mid-Kent.

Horses reflect how we are. They are objective and impartial observers.

They offer an honest and non-judgemental reflection of how we present ourselves.
During this session we will:
• Explore the value of becoming aware of the impact that we have on others

• Develop insight into our own emotional and social intelligence

• To work with a personal goal or identified need for individual change in a safe and trusting environment

• To reflect upon how these experiences can be a template for change at work or in our personal lives

What others have said:

“These sorts of realisations can take some leaders months to arrive at, we managed it in about 90 minutes” – “A clear, encouraging and authentic process” – “Learning about oneself is adventurous and creative”

The Athena Experience @ Athena
May 26 @ 10:30 – 16:30
The Athena Experience @ Athena | England | United Kingdom

This will be an introductory day to Athena. A natural place to learn.

Athena is a unique venue which combines natural approaches to keeping horses with powerful personal learning opportunities.

This is a chance to really explore the benefits of these.

The day will offer both candid and honest insight into the Athena story, as well as the detail of what is involved in setting up, and keeping horses as a herd on, a track system.

In the afternoon we will move on to providing an introduction to the approach and benefits of learning alongside a natural herd of track based horses. This is now an essential part of the Athena experience; having created a special place for our horses, we are looking to deliver some of that benefit to our visitors.

The day will be co-facilitated by founder Jennifer Geach and Graeme Green of The Mindful Horse.