Equine Facilitated Learning

Group Equine Facilitated Learning Sessions
Cuddles with Marzipan at Athena
Thomas Geach and Lizzie at Athena
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Equine Facilitated Learning at Athena is a supported by our herd of 16 free living horses. This creates a unique learning experience, whether on the track, in the 100 foot barn or our outdoor arena.

Our herd responds instinctively to human energy, behaviour and intention.   Horses have a heightened sensitivity to the surrounding environment, and the state of those around them.  The horse's reaction is a silent, honest and dispassionate response to how we show up. 

Being herd animals horses are intuitively connected to non verbal communications of those around them.  Horses are honest and unconditional in their reactions and responses.  Horses can act as a living mirror, they do not have agendas nor do they intentionally mislead. And if we change, they will change with us.

Experiential learning around horses facilitates the same qualities in humans.