Team Building

Individual session with the Athena Herd
Graeme Green and Jennifer Geach co-facilitating at Athena
being herd at Athena
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Horses have a great way of showing us how we are. This extends to the team environment, as well as for individuals.

How we are as a team (for better or worse) is often very clearly reflected in our interactions with horses.

For a team, working together with horses provides an honest and safe space not only to to explore their collective behaviour, but more importantly it is a safe and non judgemental place to experiment with shifts or changes and experience the difference.

As a team, horses help us to:

  • explore the value of individual and collective social intelligence;
  • consider and develop what constitutes authentic and effective communication;
  • work together to create practices which support team/organisational resilience;
  • understand and respect the importance of all roles in collective performance; and
  • understand the value of trust as an organisational asset.

Join us at Athena to experience effective team performance.